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Anil Agrawal
Anil Agrawal, CEO

CIMCON Lighting


“NearSky is a smart city platform that simplifies the deployment of sensors, cameras, and other devices.”

CIMCON’s 25+ years software and controls experience and their understanding of the rapidly changing Smart City landscape make us the company of choice for a city starting its Smart City journey. Their solutions allow cities to become smarter, safer, and more sustainable by providing an immediate return on investment, reducing streetlight energy and maintenance costs by up to 30 percent and 50 percent, respectively, and providing first responders with the right amount of light when and where needed. They also provide the opportunity to generate revenue from new sources such as EV chargers and digital signage, hence, future-proofing a city’s Smart City technology investment.

At CIMCON, they customize their solutions to meet their city’s specific needs. Their economical approach allows cities to utilize their existing LED fixtures, facilities and other assets to create a wireless network that enables them to implement a wide variety of Smart City solutions. Beyond streetlight monitoring and management, their solutions allow cities to implement solutions that include air quality monitoring, traffic monitoring, video analytics, installation of small cell tours, pedestrian safety, EV charge metering, motion and occupancy sensors, digital signage management, and more.

Cities across the world are rapidly adopting technologies, including intelligent streetlights, air quality sensors, gunshot detectors, video surveillance systems, and traffic counters, to build the next generation city infrastructure. Smart city platforms like NearSky Connect, bring together these technology and service providers, making it easier than ever for cities to test, deploy and manage their smart city applications.

NearSky is a smart city platform that simplifies the deployment of sensors, cameras, and other devices, such as Wi-Fi access points, so cities can more easily build a digital, data-driven city. The platform turns any city’s existing streetlight infrastructure, into a flexible, reliable, and secure digital canopy that spans the city and serves as an Internet of Municipal Things (IoMT). In addition, the platform offers standards-based communication channels, power for devices, and “plug and play” connectors that simplify the installation, maintenance, and movement of diverse smart city devices while avoiding the expense and effort of building an additional network (fiber optics or Wi-Fi). NearSky also provides a comprehensive back end, with data storage capabilities, analysis tools, and APIs, that allow the customer to fully process the data that is collected across the city’s network of sensors/devices, With NearSky, cities can easily deploy and scale their data collection and analysis efforts.

CIMCON’s NearSky 360 transforms existing streetlight infrastructure into a robust Internet of Outdoor Things or an Internet of Municipal Things (IoMT) to enable smart city devices and services. This simple plug and play device provide power, edge processing, metering and communications. These capabilities reduce the cost and complication of smart city application deployment.

The NearSky 360 brings the age of IoMT within reach for any city, helping customer solve unmet or unarticulated needs now and in the future. Because this device deploys in standard streetlight infrastructure, it can be positioned wherever it needed quickly and easily. CIMCON’s NearSky 360 accelerates a city’s evolution to becoming “smart” by providing a sturdy, scalable backbone for the acquisition of city data from sensors, controls and devices on or near any streetlight pole. “NearSky impressed me with its innovative approach and flexibility, which seems to set it apart. The platform can be adapted to the specific needs of any local authority, turn their outside world into actionable data, and help them build up a smart city over time. NearSky provides a vision of a possible future in the smart city journey,” says Alistair Scott, Managing Director, Designs for Lighting, Ltd., a satisfied customer.