Transforming the Future, One City at a Time

Nir Lempert
Nir Lempert, CEO

MER Group


“Smart-M is a top-of-the-line Command & Control Management Platform that provides a security layer atop the disparate physical and cybersecurity sensors, cameras, systems and feeds.”

Public Order. Technology. Security. Sustainability. Economics. Globalization. These are just some of the challenges faced by municipalities, affecting aspects of city life such as public safety, economics, housing, culture, social and environmental conditions. Juggling all these elements requires a ‘safe’ and ‘smart’ solution that combines aspects of communications, command and control, sensors, biometrics, IT connectivity, cybersecurity and more, to help keep all the balls in the air. MER Group’s Safe & Smart City solution brings a fresh and holistic approach to this evolving field. Leveraging municipal communications infrastructure, a wide range of sensors and data feeds, as well as a top-of-the-line command & control platform, it supports a range of applications that connect all major stakeholders in the municipality. Such smart connectivity improves public safety and quality of life, while also upgrading public services and giving the economy a boost. However, while the ‘Smart’ feature improves municipal efficiency and reduces costs, its increasing reliance on IT makes the city vulnerable to cyberattacks. That is why they have built into their solution an advanced cybersecurity center, which tracks cyberattacks and neutralizes them immediately.

Focusing on excellence and market leadership, MER Group is a world-leading integrator in the areas of communications and security, offering turnkey projects that are impeccably planned and executed from start to finish. The Group offers a diverse portfolio of technology-based solutions and end-to-end services that include consultancy, development, engineering and manufacturing, as well as integration and implementation. From developing intelligence platforms and comprehensive Homeland Security and cyber solutions, through building advanced communications infrastructure for telecom operators and deploying cellular radio and fiber network, to developing tactical communications systems, MER is innovative and forward-thinking in all it does.

Established in the early 1980s as a family business, today MER Group is a publicly-traded company (TASE: CMER) employing approximately 1100 people and managing dozens of global subsidiaries. With operations throughout Latin America, the US, Africa, the UK, Asia and Israel, MER has gained vast experience and a solid reputation through proven global successes, while retaining the ability to provide tailored solutions for projects of all sizes.

Nir Lempert, CEO of MER Group has more than 25 years of experience in senior management, in the military as well as civil surroundings. Nir has a strong background in strategy, marketing and sales, with special focus on innovation. He specializes in leading organizations that need to go through turn around processes, and now the steadfast leader of MER Group, one of Israel’s leading holding companies, focusing on telecom, security and cleantech.

Prior to MER Group, Nir was for nearly a decade the CEO of Zap group (previously Yellow Pages Group). He led the transfer the company has done from a print-oriented company to one of the prominent internet groups in Israel. Prior to Zap group, Nir acted as the CEO of Israeli TV broadcaster Channel 10, and before that, he was Executive Deputy CEO of Yes, Israel’s multi-channel TV company. Nir served 22 years in IDF, as part of Unit 8200. Among his roles in 8200 – head of planning, head of the intelligence center and deputy commander of 8200. Nir is a retired colonel from IDF, and besides his other duties, he carries out the role of the chairman of 8200 alumni association, where he focuses on encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation, mainly in the education field in periphery areas in the country. In his free time Nir likes to play the saxophone and relax while thinking of innovative strategies to lead the company towards greater heights.

The Smart Solution

With the abundance of sensors, physical security solutions, cyber and intelligence data, today’s greatest security challenge is not visibility, but rather a clarity. A well-planned Command & Control Center, set around Smart-M, MER Group’s end-to-end Command & Control Management Platform that provides a security layer atop physical and cybersecurity solutions, provides complete situational awareness and enables decision-makers to make the right decision, quickly.

Their top-to-bottom approach to C&C centers, stationary or mobile, begins with the planning and design in accordance with specific requirements and industry standards and continues through procurement and manufacturing of in-house components, systems deployment, multi-system integration and ongoing management and support.

When all the ends are tied together through well-planned and executed integration, an interconnected security environment is created, that enables simple and intuitive event management for all levels of command, as well as alerting, investigation and analysis capabilities. These provide planning and preparation tools, immediate situational awareness, and efficient actionable insight for a quick response.

Smart-M is a top-of-the-line Command & Control Management Platform that provides a security layer atop the disparate physical and cybersecurity sensors, cameras, systems and feeds. Smart-M integrates and fuses all security measures into a single interconnected management platform, providing complete visibility of the site and event, and enabling smart decision making and fast, efficient response.

Created by security experts and adapted to the ‘Smart’ environment, Smart-M has been operational for over 20 years, and constantly reinvented in correlation with advancing technologies and the changing security landscape.

Safer Smarter Living

As the world races forward creating vast amounts of data, illegal, even terrorist activities blend in amongst the zettabytes. To find them, we need to collect the different signs they leave behind and connect them into a coherent intelligence picture. OSCAR, an open-source collection and analysis solution, helps agencies and organizations find persons of interest and assess their risk level to prevent the threat before it is realized.

Based on advanced proprietary algorithms, OSCAR collects and analyzes multilingual data from text & images, websites, social media, darknet and more, to produce a complete intelligence report that includes a comprehensive profile overview and scaled risk analysis.

Based on the groundbreaking contextual narrative methodology, OSCAR provides four analysis processes to extract only relevant and accurate data. These include the Targeted Search, for conducting a thorough examination of any target according to relevant contextual narratives, Leadless Search, for discovering new leads in a predefined group according to relevant contextual narratives, Multiple Search, for assessing multiple targets simultaneously, and the Contextual Search, for discovering target-related web content. Once the target is detected, a full 360° Profile Overview is generated, and a total risk score is assigned, providing immediate actionable insights.

The contextual narrative leverages the field experience of domain experts, to create a context-based lexicon of a particular domain of interest (local organized crime, terrorist cells, drug trafficking, money laundering operations, etc.). A smart compilation of concepts, phrases, definitions, symbols and cultural-based terminology, the contextual narrative enables the identification of the people, organizations and communication methods used to support hostile and illegal activities.

Smart Campus

Building owners and facility managers are constantly on the look-out for the most efficient ways to provide quality services to residents and visitors, while ensuring an economic, environmental and secure facility. MER Group leverages the power of IoT to integrate and manage the different services provided in the facility, and deliver cost savings, seamless operations and new revenue generation opportunities. Through smart deployment, MER Group connects the many systems and sensors that provide smart building services, including climate control, lighting, power distribution, utilities, communications, energy management, fault detection, maintenance and alert management, as well as cyber and security solutions, to their central management platform, to provide significant operational benefits and savings.

With vast experience implementing smart facilities that range from a single building to campuses and even entire cities, MER Group has witnessed the transformation of properties into smart building that quickly provides an improved, safer experience for residents and visitors, while showing fast ROI with up to 40 percent savings. In order to deliver such results, MER Group’s solutions cover all aspects of the project, from design and planning to implementation, training and ongoing maintenance.

Looking to the future, MER Group is determined to maintain its leadership and relevance by remaining at the cutting edge, developing new products, exploring new opportunities and offering its customers the very latest services and solutions.