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Steven Rodriguez
Steven Rodriguez, President


SmartSpace Software


We put your people at the center of the SmartSpace solution, enabling you to build motivated employee communities in your workplace – and understand exactly how they interact with their working environment.”

The major challenges for organizations is a highly engaged workforce, controlling and optimizing real estate, and energy costs to be successful on an on-going basis. Smart offices generate significant savings for the workplace, while real estate costs come down and space optimization goes up. However, building an exceptional workplace goes beyond cost reduction and collaboration tools. The need of the hour is to revolutionize physical spaces into workplace communities for employees to have the liberty to grow and share common areas and collaborate. The modular workplace solution from SmartSpace manages the workspace and people in the best way possible where utilization and occupancy data can resolve immediate challenges and insights on how people work and what they value can underpin a journey towards digitization and cultural change.

With its modular design, mobile application and ease of integration with an organization’s existing IT environment, SmartSpace lets customers focus on solving immediate problems: from desk and meeting room management to wayfinding, visitor management and beyond. Every application in the SmartSpace suite makes deployment and user adoption easy.

It can also be scaled and tailored to suit the size of an organization and current priorities. From the moment users deploy SmartSpace, they are generating data and intelligence that is capable of empowering a firm’s transformation to a ‘work smart’ workplace.

SmartSpace is the only technology company in the world that offers solutions that bring people, space and assets together. They offer one platform that is designed for the employee and the multiple ways and rhythm and employee goes about getting their work done. While most of their prospects and clients come to them to solve a specific solution, they quickly find the value in being able to partner with them for much more. The company has a full line of workspace management solutions that work together to help support the needs of the increasingly mobile, global workforce.

The platforms go beyond the walls of a company’s buildings and offer the employee one entry point to access, to getting to work, purchasing coffee at a company store, finding a space to work, and access to the company’s resources to get the tasks for that day done.  On the company’s side they can get passive data feed without employee interruption to understand work patterns for greater optimization. The SmartSpace mobile app offers users numerous benefits and by incorporating superior visual maps, point-to-point wayfinding, reservation and check-in functions, and the app connects employees to the people, places and information.

SmartSpace technology collects actual use data, allowing users to understand how individual workspaces and conference rooms are used. With this data, they can assess their overall workspace needs, measure the performance of telework programs, decide if a desk hoteling program will work with the current space, and gain a full picture of how the workspace is actually being used. “Our clients are looking for creative ways to use their physical space, assets, and new technology to give their employees the tools to be successful and match their work-environment with their employee’s modern mobile way of life,” says Steven Rodriguez, President of SmartSpace.

The software helps users increase collaboration, productivity and satisfaction among their employees. “If you have culture initiatives, mobile workforce initiatives or alternative working arrangements in your company, our software can help you manage that,” says Steven.