Making Cities Smarter

Jack Vresics
Jack Vresics, President & CEO

SmartWave Technologies


“SmartWave has deployed some of the most innovative wireless networks for the Municipal markets.”

SmartWave Technologies is a leading “wireless” centric systems integrator that provides the planning, design, and integration of wireless networks, along with the unique applications and Internet of Things (IoT) that these networks support. They cater to the Smart City, Education, Healthcare and Enterprise markets, with an operating legacy of over 15 years. As a privately held organization, they have the ability to adjust more quickly and efficiently with market changes and the needs of the company customers.

Founded as a Firm primarily targeting wireless solutions to Municipal Governments, they have expanded to include marquee customer relationships in Education, Healthcare and the Enterprise Markets. As these wireless networks have evolved, the company skillsets and product offerings have evolved to include the ever-changing Internet of Things (IoT). If customers are looking for the Expertise required to deploy the network and applications throughout their Enterprise, a Campus, a City, or even a Small Country, their resources have the experience, capabilities and passion for delivery.

As a services company, its value is the strength of their team. To that end, they strive to retain and recruit talented resources that share their vision, understand their customer’s goals, and work in a culture where they enjoy what they do and are committed to the team’s success. SmartWave has deployed some of the most innovative wireless networks for the Municipal markets including the first “quadruple play” of voice, video, patient telemetry and mobility in a major City that provides first responders with a Virtual Doctor inside the Ambulance at Trauma incidents.

This application, among others that SmartWave has been involved in, is why these Cities are considered thought leaders in the marketplace and have been recognized internationally as Award-Winning Networks. They are able to assist the clients in a plethora of ways including WiFi, LTE, Microwave and Other Wireless Solutions; IoT Solutions for Traffic, Parking, Water, Public Works, Police and Fire; Professional Services include IoT Application Integration, Smart City Consulting, Propagation Modeling, Site Acquisition Services, Site Survey and Design, Implementation, and Network Maintenance/Management

Campus Networks WiFi is almost everywhere. With the proliferation of WiFi devices and increased demand for bandwidth and spectrum, along with the fact that WiFi spectrum allocation from the FCC is not changing, the “old way” of wireless design by “throwing an Access Point” at the problem, simply doesn’t work. In fact, it adds to the problem. If a customer hasn’t begun planning for the WiFi (R)evolution to 802.11ac, now is the time. They are able to assist the clients in a plethora of ways including Network Switching Infrastructure – Design, Staging, Installation, Integration; Wireless Network Planning – Assessments, Equipment Evaluation, Strategic Planning, BYOD; Wireless Network Design – Site Surveys, Channel Planning, Spectrum Sweeps, Security; Wireless Network Installation – Equipment Configuration, Installation, Testing and Commissioning; Wireless Network Management – Optimization, Monitoring, Network and BYOD Management, and Training.

“SmartWave’s wireless and video expertise, along with their methodical approach, proved successful in repairing a highly complex wireless video network failed by various contractors.  Their efforts lead to a functioning and reliable network that is making a difference in enhancing safety in the city,” says Oscar Ixco, City of Los Angeles, a satisfied customer.